Any Updates?

  • Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask if there are any updates coming soon to the parser plugin? Seems like a lot of the numbers are very inaccurate, especially DoT's/HoT's not being parsed at all. Also the parser doesn't reset after each dungeon and even manual reset doesn't work. I have to re-launch FFXIVAPP to get the parser to work again.

    Not that I'm complaining haha, I still use the parser and some of the other plugins. Just wanted to know the behind the scenes and if anything is being worked on :)

    Well thanks for reading.
    Huge thanks to Icehunter for the great program!

  • It's called ... I was dumb and forgot I had a number that at level 60 would cause a divide by zero error and therefor kill all DoT handling...

    Uploaded a fix for the parser, reinstalling the plugin will get it working again ^^; Now time for me to spread the word...


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