Parse Astro/Drk/Mch DoTs

  • I don't know if it has been stated yet, but after playing with this parser i actually REALLY like it. However, after a lot of testing and having numbers run oddly with a different parser, my friend and I have finally noticed where our differences lay at:

    Parser is -not- picking up Astro/Drk/MCH DoT's at all. (Complete 0's across the board with combust up and such.

    Wasn't sure if this was a known issue or not? Has worked with pre-heavensward classes just fine from what we can tell.

  • Thanks for the report!

    I'm not familiar with the ability names themselves but do you see them listed in both of these files?

    The second one is pretty huge, so I'd recommend a Find.

    If it's missing from either file, then I can add it in. If you found it in both files then it could be the ID of the ability is wrong so I can check that as well.

    Thanks! :)

  • Hey Ice! Thanks for the quick response!

    So admittedly my Dark and machinist knowledge is -pathetic- so for those I will have to pull in a friend just to know the exact names of the abilities I am looking for--


    I did find the Astro- Dots in both files (Comubst and Combust II)

    For the DoT Helper it was under lines 413 - 433 (Both are directly following eachother

    For the second file (Status effect helper)

    lines 9372 - 7381 Combust

    lines 9429 - 9437 combust II

    (BTW and I mean this in all honesty, you have done a wonderful job with this program--- not just stritcly as a parser, but for it's utility. As i said, I started playing around with it last night versus another parser that is -strictly- a parser and -sooo- much work has obviously gone into this to make it such a well rounded-all - around helper! Thank you very much for this and the quick response!)

  • DARK DoT

    Scourge is a Ticking Dot, Salted Earth is a Ground AOE

    -Neither- where found in the first file (DoTHelper)

    In Status Effect helper:

    ++ Salted Earth starts at line 8635
    +Scourge - 8547

  • Okay, I'll have to start leveling up the new jobs then ^^;

    I'll also look at extending the current target widget, and showing a list of all status effects from ram on the target. I know I don't track ground AoE's right now but let's see what shows up :)

    Thanks so much!

  • IT may just be me being an idiot and not having the right option enabled (I always leave room for error that -i- am the problem XD) But if you'd like to check for yourself, I know cobust is an opener ability for Astro (Aka don't have to actually level, just open up the job) to see if it's just me or if you are getting the same issue as well.

    Let me know what you find!

    And thank you!

  • Hello Ice,
    Thanks for your nice Programm!

    But I think it's not only the Dots from the Astro / DRC / MCH, which is not calculating.
    There is generally no Dot damage calculated by the Parser Plugin.
    Could someone Confirm this Problem?

  • When I get a moment between jobs I'll login again on BLM and have a gander. Sorry for the late reply.

  • I have the same problem.
    No dmg is shown in the Damage-Over-Time overall totals tab. Otherwise very nice program.

  • any news about the dot damage problem?

  • I've been pulling 16 hour days the last month but hoping to get some more info this weekend. Thanks!

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