LUA Plugin Support or Help?

  • Hey Icehunter, any chance of getting LUA support for FFXIVAPP for plugin creation? I would love to help with the creation of plugins for it, sadly however I do not currently know C/.Net. I do however know LUA and would like to use it to create more feature extensions for the app.

    If this isn't really a possibility I understand and perhaps you could help me with something else....with the understanding that all credit for the said help goes to you and the app of course.

    I have been struggling trying to find a pointer for chat and current target. I can find the data I want just fine however getting the same data when restarting the client has been a pain for me, which I guess means I am not finding the correct pointer. Can you shed any light on this for me? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks man

  • Someone once before had made a plugin that used LUA to render items on the screen but I think it's long since been abandoned.

    Since the plugins can get all the data you need from the eventsubscriber I'd recommend using that to get the data on restart. I don't have tutorials on how-to find memory items as I had found most of my answers on memory scanning (generics) via google years ago :(

    One project that comes to mind that might help you in bridging the two is:

    Right now I'm working on hooking directx via the app/iplugininterface and exposing a directx api for rendering plugin data in the actual game. Maybe something like this could be combined down the road.

  • Thanks man, I check it out. In the meantime I have been able to find a few nifty static pointers related to crafting, could be useful for recording how many steps it took to make an item, how much cp was used, etc. Haven't been able to find the one linked to the condition text however sadly. But I suppose some might try to use that for a bot.

  • We can never stop those from being made; I just make sure that whatever I release myself doesn't do it.

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