DX Overlays In-Progress

  • Preface:
    This is where I'm going to start and get the overlay api system in place. This will allow a plugin to call the main app and request something be rendered in the game itself.

    An example of SharpDX that can be downloaded and used to show FPS in a game can be found here:

    I will be moving along based on that and accepting pull requests and comments on anything regarding it.

    Please make any pull requests onto here:

    End Goal:

    • Parser, Widgets, Radar displayed in-game.
    • Any plugin that wants to render something can.

    Stretch Goal:

    • Replacement of entire UI for XIV.

  • Okay!

    Added the following repo (based of spazzarama, he own's the rights to the initial code, I'll update/back merge any changes he puts in)


    New resources:

    The pull request has been updated with a working version that hooks directx. Just does nothing right now. Going to try and get a speedy FPS display in like fraps as a proof of concept.

  • The updated branch for ffxivapp now renders text on the screen (DX9 only) and survives alt-tabs and switching windows.

    As I know nothing about drawing textures or images I'm going forward with designing at least a message api system where a plugin can render a message on the screen.

    Since more than one plugin can make DX requests to render something I will have to make a publishing system where a plugin can make add/update/remove requests. Text messages will have a timeout by default of no more than 5 seconds so they will automatically be removed.

    This is going to be fun!

    P.S. Sorry DX11 is taking a back burner but it apparently requires an entirely different rendering pipeline, so I will have to investigate how much of a copy/paste will take place.

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