Gathering/Drop Rate Parsing

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if it was currently possible, or how hard it would be, to get this program to keep track of things like -

    drop % based off recorded kills
    Nodes gathered/minute

    It would also be great if the program could parse MB pricing and input that data in an outside excel sheet. For example, I have a spreadsheet breaking down several items craft/gather costs (both time and in-game resources), along with a space for their current worth. These stats are compared by the spreadsheet and an average gil per minute stat is shown by each item/activity. From there I choose what I do for that day to make gil.

    One thing that slows me down is I manually have to check the current MB prices for NQ/HQ of the items I have on my list before I can get an accurate gpm breakdown. If this parser could keep track of Market Board scans and input that data directly, that would save some time!

    Anyhow, I really see a LOT of potential in this program for more widespread use. If parsing combat data is ok, I would assume parsing gathering/kill/market data would be fine.

    If this is possible, please let me know. If so, ill see about modifying one of your current setups offered by the base download to record what I need. Ill be watching for a reply.

  • You can really choose any one of the plugins, even the sample. It listens on all events and has access to the games network data (incoming), chatlog, and data arrays for screen data (monsters, players, npcs, gather, party, targets, etc). Just not the boxes on screen.

  • Thanks for the reply,

    I installed the program and am testing the waters :) I dont have much background in making programs like this, but I catch on quick, and im hoping I can snoop around the apps building blocks and see what makes it tick.

    Sorry if you covered this already, but can I ask what language this was made in? Also, if there are any programs you recommend using to work on this program, id appreciate a point in the right direction!


  • Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate (or premium should work)
    .NET 4.5
    WPF for most everything.
    UI is from MahApps.Metro (on GitHub for their own library, or nuget package manager)

  • Thanks again, heres hoping I can get something going!

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