• Dear All,

    I have download the FFXIV APP, and i need few guides of how this Application works and how i can configure it to work with the game. Also another question is regarding how this application i can see it while i am on the game.

    Best Regards
    Pambos Zeniou

  • Sent you a response to your PM :)

  • I don't suppose you could help me out also? I can't seem to figure out how to get it going... Installed, just don't know exactly how to get it turned on and use it.

  • Before using it make sure after download to right click the file -> properties -> unblock.

    After that double click to open, click on the updates tab and choose which plugins to install. I have detailed screenshots and descriptions of each panel in the app and plugins on this site as well. That should guide you through how to use each one :)

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