Stats per pull instead of just total?

  • Hey great app you've made so far, really liking it and I'm glad something like this exists for FFXIV.

    How do you setup the DPS meter such that it displays the data for the current pull instead of just ALL the fights since the last reset?

  • You have to enable the automatic reset and set it to be reset on "Damage Only" with a value of about 10-15 seconds (10000 - 15000).

    What that does is if no damage happens in that time the parser will reset. This has the drawback though that if you have something in the middle of a fight like ifrit's hellfire where it may take longer to register something it might reset in the middle of a fight.

    However let me double check the "echo" chatlog line because for the longest time the parser has had some commands you can use from the game.

    To reset it from the game you can create a macro like this:

    /echo com:parse reset

    It should reset at that point. I've heard it doesn't work anymore and most like it's just a quick fix.

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