Crafting Plugin

  • How about a plugin for crafting? I would love to be able to see the expected number of "hits" it will take to synthesize an item. There are plenty of other calculations i would love to have on a heads-up display so i can ditch the excel spreadsheets :p

  • What sort of info from the game would be required? I craft myself but I just see if I get lucky. Aside from the chat lines coming through the game would it need anything else from the crafting window?

    I currently don't read RAM for that but I could look at doing so for parsing it.

  • I'm planning to create a new plugin that give sound hint when high quality or the highest quality come up during the process. I always miss them when I use game controller to craft:sob:

  • @Icehunter Sorry for the bit of thread necro here, but this would be useful to have. The data you'll want to read from RAM is the following: current material status (poor/normal/good/excellent), current/max durability, current/max progress, current/max quality.

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