• Requirements:

    Special Notes:

    If you are experiencing lag while running under Windows 7 please ensure that "Aero" is turned on and not classic mode.

    If your Windows is setup to use classic mode or your hardware doesn't have enough juice on certain parts it's possible that it will force FFXIVAPP to run in "Software Rendering" which means only your CPU is utilized to render the UI which is very slow and can easily consume up to ~80%.

    More information on rendering can be found here:


    Please enable "Aero" if possible. I'm always looking to tweak performance so if it's not Aero related I can also look into that.

  • Usage & Features:

    • Coming soon!

  • Logging:

    • If you enable NLog in settings you can watch error/missed lines and such via a program called "log4view" You can download it http://log4view.com/download/download/
    • Open it up after install and add a UDP receiver on localhost using port 9994.
    • After that is complete; when you start the application you can start view logs generated in real-time from FFXIV-APP

  • Screen Shots:

    Please check the posts below for more info.

  • Home:

    A logo and a button. Opens the site.


  • Settings -> Main:

    Main settings of the application. The following items are available:

    • UI Scale.
    • Home Plugin
      • Allows you to chose which plugin to show by default rather than the "None" home screen.
    • Current Process ID
      • Defaults on load to attach to the first game instance found. If you want to dual box and launched afterwards refresh the list, select the process and attach. You should not have to ever attach unless you launch the game after the app or want to dual box.
    • Change Them
      • Lots of colors to choose from!!!
    • Always On Top
      • Don't let another application take focus.
    • Save Log
      • Save logs (main chat) and also a log for each subtype of main chats like FC, LS1, etc. They will be found in My Documents\FFXIVAPP\Logs.
    • Enable Help Labels
      • Most of the application has help text around titles and buttons, etc. Once you know the application you can recover a lot of screen space and turn those off.
    • Default Settings
      • Reset the main applications settings.


  • Settings -> Performance & Logging:

    The application is memory/resource intensive in some cases but some of this can be alleviated.

    The following sections are available:

    • Default Network Interace
      • If packet reading is turned on this is the interface you want to listen to. If you are concerned with what is monitored everytime a packet comes in it is scanned and checked against FFXIV's process and assigned TCP routes. This application is 100% open-source so it can be viewed anytime on GitHub.
    • Enable Network Reading
      • Defaults to off, but if it's on the network packets that are read from the game are sent through to any plugin that wants to use them.
    • Reset NetworkWorker
      • You can reset the network scanner and release any of it's resources by clicking this button.
    • Default Audio Device
      • This will be the audio device used for all notifications by plugins using NAudio.
    • Memory Scanning Speed
      • The speed of scanning by default.
      • Do NOT set this to zero. The lower the number the more CPU it uses. ChatLog/Monster are important to the parser as it uses that info to calculate XOverTime and healing and such. It's also used by plugins like DBM to watch the fight.
    • Enable NLog
      • Using the logging setup a few posts ago you can watch anything logged in real-time while the app is running.


  • Settings -> Character Settings:

    This tab allows you to import your Lodestone ID which currently isn't used however it was used before in avatar downloading for the parser.

    Character information is automatically figured out for the name but you will need to put in your Server name. This again is used and sent to other plugins in case they can use that info.

    For example the parser will download avatar pictures for the people in the party based on that.


  • Settings -> Color Settings:

    This is sent to all plugins and allows them to color code the chatlog if displaying a chatlog in a tab. For example the Log plugin uses this. You can select a code and put in your own color in RGB (hex) format.


  • Settings -> Integration Settings:

    Used to contain XIVDB upload information but currently is not used. Anyone got some ideas? :)


  • Update -> Available Plugins:

    Based on default and user defined plugin sources this page allows you to see plugins with the following statuses:

    • Installed
    • NotInstalled
    • UpdateAvailable
    • OutOfDate

    OutOfDate means the plugin has lost compatibility with the application dependencies and the developer is required to update the plugin.

    You can ctrl, shift, multi and single select any item in this list and install/uninstall.

    Refreshing the list can also be done with the lower left refresh button.


  • Update -> Plugin Sources:

    If you have distributed your own plugin or want to include a plugin developed by someone you know you can.

    As long as they followed the plugin distribution guide you can add in a link to the VERSION.json file which contains the plugin file manifests.



    As with most areas you can add, remove or update a selected item.


  • About:

    Contains information such as versions, copyright (if applicable) and allows a one-click update to the latest version manually.

    It also contains the latest update notes.


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