About Informer

  • The informer plugin is more of a concept plugin to showcase the use event subscriptions and pipe that data to UI elements.

    Status: Open-Source

    You can view, compile or download the source from here: GitHub

    To have discussions about this plugin please submit or reply to topics here.

    This plugin was initially designed as a way to make sure other plugins worked correctly and much of the existing functionality as been ported over to other plugins.

  • Requirements:

    • NET 4.5

  • Usage & Features:

    • Coming soon!

  • Screen Shots:

    Please check the posts below for more info.

  • Home -> Player:

    On this tab you can see yourself along with any current status effects that are on you and remaining durations.


  • Home -> Agro:

    The agro tab will list all NPCs and Monsters that have agro to you currently along with their corresponding "Hate" values. This corresponds to your agro list in-game.


  • Home -> Targets:

    The Targets tab will display current, focus, previous and mouseover target info. This has since been moved into the Widgets plugin.


  • Home -> Target Enmity:

    This will show all NCPs/Players/etc that on your current target have enmity to that target. This has since been moved into the Widgets plugin.


  • About:

    Contains information such as version, copyright (if applicable) and allows a one-click link to open the source code repository on GitHub.


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