FFXIV Log Plugin & DX11

  • While it appears that the main client was updated a year ago to work with DX11 (from what I can understand on the forum here anyway), the Log Plugin does not function. I just fought with it for an hour before asking a friend and testing it on DX9. Works fine there, but DX11 is dead in the water. Any update on this?

  • I literally was working 16 hours days for the last year and a half; so I had no brain power to get anything updated >< I'm back in the game now and I'm working on getting an update out that brings DX11 back to 100%; I may actually be dropping DX9 support fairly soon; but that remains to be seen. Sorry about the long long long wait!

  • @Icehunter Thank you for the update! I'm glad to hear life has calmed down for you and you're working on a fix! :)

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