News on Dx11 Version??

  • Hello,
    I'm wondering if there's any news on a Directx11 updated version. I currently jump from the most updated one to an old version (3.0.5673.24391, without updating it) and they have their highs and lows with ffxiv on Dx11. The most updated one isn't build for that directx version so it's normal that it doesn't work well (It keeps everything in memory, even though items/npcs/monsters disappears, slowing the process and leaking so much ram, usually a program restart fixes this). The old version works well with Dx11 but plugins aren't updated so, enmity, dps and sometimes the radar show their weaknesses.
    Can you inform us on how's it going? (I read that you are busy, i absolutely don't want to make pressure or anything, just want some news)

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