Auto-reset not resetting

  • I've noticed lately (since the last few patches to the game) that the auto-reset option (in other options) for the parser doesn't seem to work in certain circumstances, particularly at the end of dungeons/trials (though I've had it happen in fate groups too, so maybe it's related to players leaving the party?).

    I have the settings set so that if no damage is recorded for 10 seconds (10000 in the setting) it resets. But as I said in the above circumstances this doesn't seem to happen and instead the damage (and other) meters will just remain active indefinitely, and even appear to continue tracking damage done by players from other servers long after I'm no longer grouped with them (at least the total damage done for them continues to increase, I don't know if it's actually tracking their damage done or if the plugin simply thinks it is). When this happens I have to either close and relaunch the app or tab out and click the Reset Stats button on the parser's main tab (usually requires multiple presses to stop it from continuing to track people not in the group).

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