Log is not translating the Japanese words

  • Back then the Log is perfectly working. But, since (maybe) 3.1, the Log has been unable to translate the Japanese words I get on the chat log.
    Any tips or way to fix it?

    Thank you. :)

  • Does it still show as Japanese in the log plugin? I'm not on a Japanese server but I can have another look.

  • Hmm it didn't show the Japanese words either.
    I don't know why but, at 3.0 the Log plugin still works fine.
    (but that's just as far as I noticed, there's a possibility that in 3.1, ffxiv changed their log system or something in it)

    Also.. apparently, the Event Plugin I've set, also couldn't ring the alarm when the certain log I've set, appeared on the log.
    Is there something I did wrong? Although back then the Event and Log, both works fine.

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