App remains Offline

  • I have the same problem in either DX9 or Dx11 and it's that the app status on the banner remains OFFLINE. When I go to the Updates section I get the status bar below the message about changes taking place after restart and no plugins show....this status bar keeps moving until the refresh plugins is that time it will start listing the plugins The app still lists as OFFLINE, and if you restart the app it just starts back at the same place.

  • I just tried downloading a new copy (latest one online), unblocked the zip, didn't unblock and both versions still found the game. I have a feeling that it's failing some sort of status check but that shouldn't stop it from seeing if the game is available.

    That being said; is it blocked from accessing the internet?

    When I can check later I will prohibit access to the net and see if that prevents it from doing anything.

    The flashing of the status bar is concerning as I've only ever seen that if net access is blocked.

  • Well found out the problem so I thought I would post it just incase it ever comes up again. It seems that one of the plugin's was the problem. I just deleted the entire plugin folder and restarted the app. Redownloaded the plugins and it started working again.

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