Reseting dps meters

  • Is there a way to reset the meters from in game? Or is there a setting I'm missing that'll reset it on new encounters? I was expecting /clearlog to reset it.

  • The commands been in for years and now I found out why it's not working ^^;

    I listen on that chat code for the following:

    /echo com:parse reset

    I think the echo chatcode has switch so I'll check it out. Can you also just try that and see if it works? ^^;

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please look forward to it!

  • Is there any concern that SE can/will see this and know you're using something against the ToS?

  • As far as I know since the days of XI and even XIV /echo is something local and not sent back to SE. I know they aren't scanning our PC's for software but there has been no further insight gained as to whether they started scanning echos.

  • awesome, thanks. Will try when I get home, and if it doesn't work, I'll just be patient.

  • I pasted /echo com:parse reset into my chat box, saw it appear, but it didn't seem to reset my parse. Am I doing something wrong? :3

  • Also! The reset button at the bottom left of the ffxivapp doesn't seem to clear and log the current parse. How must I get that to work. ^^ Really I'd love to be able to do the following:

    Use an ingame macro to turn the parser on, and then turn off using an ingame macro.

  • @carlthefuzzy1 Really???

    It surely should. I just tried it myself o.O. What it should do it clear the current parse and put that parse into the drop down menu with a map -> highest hp mob -> start/end time.

    I'll see about adding some error logging to that.

  • Well so I ran the parser the first time, and it seemed to log accurately. Then I cleared using the clear button. The log did clear, and did save, but when I started parsing again, the parser wasn't accurate.

    Do I need to reset the stats RIGHT as the monster is being pulled?

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