Savings logs?

  • Hi there! Is there anyway to save the event logs after FFXIVAPP picks it up? It keeps resetting after 5 pages. I'd love to be able to export to a .txt document.

  • Which plugin? By default the most common logs from the app are saved along with the entire chatlog that was seen while the app was open. You can find those in:

    ~\My Documents\FFXIVAPP\Logs

  • In the 'all' tab of the Log plugin. ^^v

  • Yup! Have a look at the logs folder, there's more folders in there but scroll down and there are XML exports of the chat itself as Date_ChatHistory.xml.

  • I may look at quickly making a WPF converter to make it text instead.

  • Oh wonderful. Is there anyway I can make those xml files easily readable? I see like crazy numbers and such...

    maybe I'm doing something wrong? D:!


    Clone that project, go into the distribution folder and run the main exe file :)

  • My god. I downloaded this github thing, but I can't even create a repository haha. I don't even know what a repository is. :<

  • My god! I got it working. I basically facerolled on my keyboard.

    Dude, you're a rockstar. As soon as I get some money I'm going to donate to your project. ^^v You should be making millions doing this. Hopefully the DX11 update hits soon!

  • I have the application now detecting both clients even in dualbox; but I now have to get them memory working. Thanks as well~! :)

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