<BUG>Massive radar memory leak since 3.4

  • Since the new patch using radar will cause a massive memory leak that can potentially crash your pc.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Radar has become unusable for me since the last patch. My computer freezes or everything runs incredibly slow. I assume it's due to this. Frustrating as I hunt a lot.

  • Is anyone looking into this? There should at least be a warning to disable radar on the homepage or something.

  • I'm looking into fixing DX11, but using DX9 there is no leak; and you showed it was using 83mb of memory, 2-3GB+ would be a "leak" IMHO. The app itself used to use about 500mb because of WPF; but never spiked for me. Are you using DX11 or DX9?

  • DX9 it spiked to about 4 gigs from 83 mb the last time i tried it. :/

  • I'll have to look into it more; someone is using the memory library to gather up everything in the zone and runs it for a few hours with no issues. Which zones? Old + New? or just certain ones?

  • Its happend in just about every hw zone ive tried it in. Sometimes i can get away with running it for awhile, but eventually it happens.

  • @anime66 Works fine now. Thx ice

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